About Us

Welcome to The Henry Ross Memorial Fund Safety Map,

Henry loved the Adirondacks and was tragically killed in a snowmobile accident on the Sacandaga Lake. In Henry’s honor and with the goal of helping others enjoy the Adirondacks safely. We have developed the Henry Ross Memorial Fund Safety Map.


Please use the map honestly and responsibly.


How to use the safety map:

1. Press “Add Hazard.”

2. Mark the hazard location on the map.

3. Pick the type of hazard from the drop-down menu.

4. Write a brief description of the hazard.

5. Submit hazard.


We are only as good as our member’s submissions so please no spam guys just real safety hazards.

Let’s all help each other stay safe by looking out for one another!  Place a hazard pin on any safety obstacle you think outdoor enthusiasts should know about. Please only place one pin per obstacle and give a good description.

Once submitted the hazard pin will be approved by our team. Then it will be put live on the hazard map. Please do not mark roadway hazards. There are plenty of apps for that already. This is for outdoor hazards like trails, lakes, and campgrounds.

Thanks for contributing to Adirondack Mountain safety everyone!